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Registration Number 73/ Churu/ 2017-18
'Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu' is unique project for evevating life is slums. Children involved in juvenilr offenses, fulfilling their basic needs, linking them to education
Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu, believes in acting together. When you and l, join hands to end classroom hunger by feeding children of today and leaders of tomorrow, it's progress in itself. Come, be a part ofFait with NGO-Run Mid-Day Meal Programme!

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Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Followinf terms and conditions are applicable to every volunteer during his/her association with The Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu

1. As a volunteer, you shall abide by Aapni Pathshala Sansthan's rules and regulations and not disclose any information collected during your volunteering time with the organization.
2. All information shall be maintained confidential and not be published in the form of reports or papers unless specifically authorized by Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu.
3. Any photograph taken shall not be used for commercial purposes.
4. The volunteer shall disclose health conditions before undertaking activities in the kitchen or outdoor activities, to maintain the hygiene levels and sanity in the operations and with children.
5. Volunteers in the kitchen must strictly follow all safety and hygiene measures that are directed and advised by Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu staff.
6. Personal belongings such as bags and gadgets shall not be allowed within the kitchen premises.
7. While giving out stationery necessities is acceptable, volunteers shall not engage in distributing outside food to children.
8. Volunteer shall work towards assigned tasks and maintain a report of completed tasks.
9. Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential liabilities of whatsoever nature under this policy.
10. Volunteering opportunities are subject to requirement and Aapni Pathshala Sansthan Churu does not guarantee this opportunity to everyone.