History of The Aapni Pathshala

Aapni Pathshala Running Under The Aegis Of 'Aapni Pathshala Sansthan' has scored Several Superb Successes Since Its Inception In 2016


Inception of the school

Prompted by a passion for propagating education among children of the underprivileged sections of society, Mr. Dharmveer Jakhar, a police constable posted at Women’s Police Station, Churu ( Rajasthan) took the initiative to teach slum kids near the boundary wall of the police station.

In the beginning, only 5 to 7 kids from the nearby slums assembled to attend the non-formal school started under the banner of ‘Aapani Pathshala’ (Our School). It was set up with a tree canopy for a roof and a bedraggled carpet for furniture. Initially started near the boundary wall of the Police Station, later this makeshift was shifted to the verandah of the nearby building meant for the storage of the medicines & drugs.

After discharging his grueling duties, Mr. Dharmveer Jakhar, the committed cop, engaged the kids at the newly set up school days at least for three hours. Necessary items were managed with the assistance of friends. Biscuit packets were distributed among the kids to win their goodwill and to keep them curious to attend the school.

It was a struggle day after day. As the days rolled by, a few passionate youths from different sections of society joined in this project of social service. Mr. Sunit Gurjar, Mr. Omprakash Meghwal, and Dinesh Saini voluntarily came forward to offer their services as teachers and also in the management of the daily affairs of the school.

As time progressed, certain social workers in the vicinity of Churu came to know about the first-of-its-kind initiative through social and print media. Initial assistance to the newly set up school was provided by Lion’s Club, Churu. Sh Ramawatar Bhambhu, Retired Cheif Manager ICIC, had a leading role in mobilizing resources and made necessary arrangements to start cooking mid-day meals in the school premises from 15 August 2016.

‘Aapni Pathashala’, the non-formal school has made its mark and added new feathers to its cap under the mentorship and guidance of Prof. H.R. Isran, Retired Principal, College Education, Rajasthan. He has actually been a supreme source of strength to this school since its inception. As a mentor, he has played a pivotal part in streamlining the management and administration of the school by taking the lead to get the ‘Aapni Pathshala Sansthan’ registered under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act. He leads the team to visit the slums from time to time to persuade the parents of slum children to send their children to the school.

Initially, it was difficult to convince the kids and their parents about the significance of education in life. Their parents just asked how studies would help them in making their both ends meet. The value of education in life and its affairs was explained to them in lucid terms.

The kids begging in the streets, working at tea stalls, and those engaged in rag-picking were contacted and persuaded to join the school giving them certain assurances. They looked pleased to have chicklets, biscuits along with slates, pencils and pictorial books, etc. They were given second-hand dresses and coached about the need of maintaining personal hygiene. Those in extremely poor plight were given ration to be utilized at their residence. All this had a positive impact and the parents of the kids now sent their kids to the school without making much ado. This is how the school gradually gained a shape and significance of its own.

When the noble and notable task of teaching the slum kids was highlighted in the print and social media, Mr. Rahul Barahth, Superintendent of Police posted at Churu, paid a visit to the school in October 2016 and was greatly impressed to be familiar with the innovative step in the direction of the community concern of the police. A worthy officer and considerate person to the core, Mr. Barahth, readily spared lady constables Ms. Vikash, Ms. Geeta, and Ms. Chandralekha to serve as lady teachers at this unique school. Later on, with his cordial consent and under his patronage the school was shifted to the vacant barracks of the Police line, Churu. Currently, it is running there unhindered and above 170 children are registered at this school.