Aapni Pathsala’, a school for imparting non-formal education especially to slum kids at Churu, had its modest beginning on 1st January 2016. It runs under the aegis of ‘Aapni Pathshala Sansthan, Churu which is registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act 1958. ( Registration Number 73/ Churu/ 2017-18 )

‘Aapni Pathshala Sansthan’ takes up the mission of bringing happy smiles to the faces of the children of underprivileged sections of society by providing them primary education, healthcare, and vocational training.
It subscribes to the belief that illiteracy in any section of society is a blot on the face of society as a whole and it is through education that the issues of healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, or human rights can be addressed. The thrust of the ‘Sansthan’ is to remove the hurdles that hinder the entry of the slum kids in the corridors of education.


We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Prompted by a passion for propagating education among children of the underprivileged sections of society, Mr. Dharmveer Jakhar, a police constable posted at Women’s Police Station, Churu ( Rajsthan) took the initiative to teach slum kids near the boundary wall of the police station.

In the beginning, only 5 to 7 kids from the nearby slums assembled to attend the non-formal school started under the banner of ‘Aapani Pathshala’ (Our School). It was set up with a tree canopy for a roof and a bedraggled carpet for furniture. Initially started near the boundary wall of the Police Station, later this makeshift was shifted to the veranda of the nearby building meant for the storage of the medicines & drugs.

After discharging his grueling duties, Mr. Dharmveer Jakhar, the committed cop, engaged the kids at the newly set up school days at least for three hours. Necessary items were managed with the assistance of friends. Biscuit packets were distributed among the kids to win their goodwill and to keep them curious to attend the school.

It was a struggle day after day. As the days rolled by, a few passionate youths from different sections of society joined in this project of social service. Mr. Sunit Gurjar, Mr. Omprakash Meghwal, and Dinesh Saini voluntarily came forward to offer their services as teachers and also in the management of the daily affairs of the school.

Our Mission

To educate children of underprivileged families, particularly the kids of migrant laborers who have no option but to stay in slums.
To help ease the slum kid’s entry into the mainstream of society and prepare them for life’s challenges.
To unleash the true potential of underprivileged slum children through human development services focussed on education, shelter, and nutrition.

Our Vision

To foster employability of the children of unskilled slum dwellers and gypsies by providing them need-based education, training them in vocational skills, and helping them work towards transformational income alternatives.

To transform the lives of the slum kids through education and to propel them on the path of a better tomorrow.

Our Story

Prompted by a passion for propagating education among children of the underprivileged sections of society, Mr. Dharmveer Jakhar, a police constable posted at Women’s Police Station, Churu ( Rajsthan) took the initiative to teach slum kids near the boundary wall of the police station


‘Aapni Pathshala’ is actually a joint venture of participation of society in the sphere of social service. The slum children attending the school hail from diverse ethnic backgrounds and different states of India. The parents of most of the kids stay in slums as migrant wage laborers and gypsies totally cut off from the mainstream of life.

The slum children attending the school are provided with mid-day meals, bags, books, clothes, sports items and stationery, etc..all these for free. Their needy kith and kin too are provided clothing and even rations in days of their emergencies. Two vans owned by the school ferry kids from slums located in the outskirts of the city.

All this has become possible with the active partnership of police and society. The financial support is managed in the form of crowdfunding


At present this make-shift school run under the aegis of ‘Aapni Pathshala Sansthan’ stands in dire need of land for the construction of its building. It is worth mentioning here that the parents of a number of the kids attending the school are migrant wage laborers and gypsies. Every year they migrate to Punjab in the harvest season for seeking seasonal employment there. Their kids are compelled to leave the school and accompany their parents. To address this problem the ‘Sansthan’ proposes to build a hostel for the accommodation of the kids of migrant wage laborers. At present, the issue of the land for the school is of paramount importance and this can be addressed with the participation of the public and administration.

आपणी पाठशाला, चूरु के सहयोगीजन / भामाशाह

Name Amount Address
श्री निर्मल जी गहलोत 48,00,000/- उत्कर्ष founder & CEO जोधपुर
श्री जगदीश जी खटकड़ 5,51,000/- रूपनगर खांजी का बास (फतेहपुर )सीकर
श्री गुरुदत्त जी ढाका 5,00,000/- सुभाष चंद्र बोस शिक्षण संस्थान साहवा (तारानगर)
श्रीमान राजेन्द्र कुमार (राजू जी) मोहनलाल जांगिड़ 5,00000/- दीनवा जाटान ,लक्ष्मणगढ़ ,सीकर CRAFTWAY
श्रीमान गिरधारी जी जांगिड़ 5,00000/- रोसावा ,फतेहपुर सीकर ABDS technical services LLC
शीतल जी दुग्गड़ 5,00000/- कोलकाता
श्री नाथूराम जी बिजारणिया,केराप 5,00000/- डीडवाना नागौर
श्री भुराराम जी बेनिवाल 5,00000/- ओसियां जोधपुर
श्री श्रवण जी रेवाड 2,51000/- डीडवाना नागौर